Friday, September 3, 2010

Caring and Care for Kids and Children Ages 0-4

The first years are magical, filled with promise and potential. There will be first steps, first teeth and first tears. Amid the excitement will be twinges of anxiety. But that's okay.

Your little one gives you lots to think about. Take safety, for example. Everything from car seats to cribs requires careful consideration. In fact, by the time your child is crawling, your house will resemble one giant childproof playground. There will be safety latches on kitchen cabinets to keep prying hands out and a safety gate blocking the top stair to keep baby from taking a tumble.

Of course, it's impossible to be completely prepared for everything your baby will experience. Just remember: These experiences are opportunities for you to praise, encourage, teach and model. This is your time to create a bond with your child that will outlast rebellion and separation.


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